What is Pennsylvania Guardianship for Individuals With a Disability?


Many people are unaware that a person who reaches 18, regardless of any disability he or she might have, will be considered an adult who has the legal right to make choices on their own in Pennsylvania. That includes the right to sign contracts and decide where he or she lives. However, it may be necessary to petition the Court to protect an incapacitated person by appointing a Pennsylvania Guardian for him or her. A Guardian is appointed to protect the health, safety and financial well being of an incapacitated person. An incapacitated person is defined as a person whose ability to receive and evaluate information effectively and communicate decisions in any way is impaired to such a significant extent that he or she is partially or totally unable to manage their financial resources or to meet essential requirements for physical health and safety and may become the victim of designing persons.

Our goal is to fully explain the Guardianship process, determine if a Guardianship is appropriate, and, if so, take the client through the Pennsylvania Guardianship procedure.



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