Why Should I have a Will in Pennsylvania?

Why Should I have a Will?

Your Will is more than just a document that governs the distribution of your assets after your death. It contains your final wishes, and protects your family from unnecessary financial and emotional woes. In Pennsylvania, if you die without a Will, your assets will be distributed according to the Pennsylvania Intestacy Laws, which may not coincide with how you would wish your belongings and money to be dispersed. Instead of your spouse inheriting everything you owned, your minor children or elderly parents could end up inheriting assets that you intended for your spouse, and will owe inheritance taxes. Writing a Will lets you choose who will be handling the administrative and financial aspects of your Estate, rather than leaving your grieving family and friends to figure out who should be in charge. Making your wishes clear can prevent disagreements between family members about who inherits a treasured family antique or a beloved piece of jewelry. A Will contains your final wishes about how you would like to be buried and who you may wish the Court to appoint as the Guardian of your children. Preparing a Will now will make the process of handling your Estate infinitely easier for your loved ones after your death. As your attorneys, we will help you thoughtfully prepare a Will that anticipates all of the financial. tax, and logistical issues that families encounter after a loved one passes.


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